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MSP Admin

Add a Company

Adding a New Company

There are two methods to add a new client.

"Frontend Process": This is the method in which the end-user registers directly from the dashboard page (www.dashboard.*.com) 

Backend process: This is only available to the MSP from the admin page (www.admin.*.com)

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Create a new Company

1. + Add Company

2. Company Name (Business Name)

3. Domain Name (

4. Primary Contact First Name

5. Primary Contact Last Name

6. Phone Number

7. Primary Contact’s Email 

8. * MSP Email

9. ** Web View

10. *** MSP Notification

11. Create Company





*   In this section you can add the email address(s) for the MSP support desk. (Optional)

**  You can enable or disable dashboard access for the end-user (Company).

*** If you wish to disable notification for alerts for a company, you can enable or disable them at any time.