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In 2018, VisibilityOne was formed in Los Angeles Ca. to create the first vendor-agnostic cloud-based monitoring solution, addressing a market gap in the video conferencing and unified communications space.

VisibilityOne has designed a patented video conferencing monitoring solution, that provides real-time performance and health data across multiple vendors and cloud services, enabling organizations to gain actionable insights into devices, applications, and the operating environment they manage. IT teams now have the support they need to proactively monitor their video meeting solutions, gain critical insights into their UC deployment, pinpoint issues and make decisions quickly, all in a single data-rich view.


With future development scheduled to include capabilities for services to self-repair through the use of VisibilityOne AI, the solution is positioned to be a gamechanger in the industry.

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United States Patent: 10,237,546 March 19, 2019
Videoconference equipment monitoring system

United States Patent: 9,955,151 April 24, 2018

Videoconference equipment monitoring system

United States Patent: 9,584,762 February 28, 2017

Videoconference equipment monitoring system

VisibilityOne video monitoring Patent .J
visibilityone team blk.jpg

Jose De La Paz
Co-founder, CEO

Technology Executive
20 years management
in technology
5 startups, 3 acquisition exits

linkedin visibilityone.png

Frankie Alvarado


Technology Architect
20 years in datacenter
& cloud architecture
3 startups, 2 acquisition exits

linkedin visibilityone.png

Von Bedikian

Co-founder, CRO

30+ years management in video & audio collaboration

1 startup, 1 acquisition exits

linkedin visibilityone.png

The Team

"Our path has no rules, but only one purpose, to make it simple for IT teams to manage technologies that empower human communication."
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