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Question: Can Visibility one capture details of Zoom Room calls if I'm joining a call hosted by a different company?
Answer: Yes. Through the use of our plugin for Zoom or MS Teams, we are able to monitor and report on all video calls within or outside of your tenant.
Question: Does VisibilityOne need Tenant access to my Microsoft environment to monitor MS Teams Rooms or Users?
Answer: The short answer is, no. By utilizing our Plugin app on your Teams Rooms or User PC, your are able to link the app in the VisibilityOne dashboard and start monitoring live your MS Teams Video Call performance.
Question: Can I find packet loss and identify network issues when they are occurring?
Answer: Yes. We provide live network performance details for all monitored rooms and users. When utilizing our Plugin, we expand the capabilities to include detailed information on each path and hops your call is taking.
Question: Do I need a server for my POC?
Answer: No. A PC or MAC with 100 MG of hard drive space and 2 Gb of memory is all that is needed to monitor your first 100 rooms. 
Question: Does the VisibilityOne plugin need local admin access to my MS Teams room PC to be able to monitor it?
Answer: No. Only when you are installing the plugin, you will need local admin permissions. After the installation is successful, our plugin can run with a basic user default account to monitor your MS Teams room.
Question: Will your collector and plugin work on Mac OS?
Answer: Currently our collector and zoom room plugin support Mac OS. In Q2 2023 we have the desktop agent being released.
Question: Do you provide Live teams rooms monitoring?
Answer: Yes. By utilizing our plugin for MS Teams, we are able to monitor and deliver live heath indicators and alerts for your MS Teams call.
Question: Does visibilityone provide room presets options for zoom?
Answer: Yes. By default, your primary devices selected for your zoom room are tagged with a preset marker by our platform. If a change is made to your zoom room devices during a call, we will revert back to your original configuration when the call ends .
Question: Can you fix camera issues when a problem is detected in my zoom room?
Answer: Yes. Our plugin is equipped with an advance algorithm that detects and remediates many issues that might cause your camera to go off line. Our self healing feature automatically corrects and attempts to restore your camera, mic, or speakers.
Question: Does V1 support 2FA?
Answer: Yes, two factor authentication is an option that can
be enabled. Simply send a request to your account or 
service manager, and within 24 hours is will the enabled. 
Question: Can I add IoT components to a specific video conferencing room?
Answer: Yes. You can monitor an IoT devices individually or your can add them as part of your room monitoring. Simply visit the monitored room, and under IoT monitoring, select the "+" icon to add your IoT device.
Question: Are document stored in my account listed for the entire site or per room?documents
Answer: Yes. You can view an entire list by visiting the Members & Subscription section. Additionally, files associated with a specific room can be accessed by visiting the room, selecting the Admin button, and selecting the Documents button. 
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