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Providing Multiple Vendor Support for the Management of Video Collaboration Estates

The scenario unfortunately is all too familiar, another escalation call from a VIP user in a Conferencing Room citing a call failure. How would you like to have an algorithmic-based application that did 24/7 monitoring of every intelligent device in the Conferencing Room; Including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Poly, Logitech, Crestron MTR – that can alert and restore these faults in real-time, so you don’t get the phone call to the Help Desk in the first place?

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As an MSP, we needed our support team to monitor systems across our clients national footprint.  The support desk was overwhelmed with multiple dashboards, dispersed tools, and lack of a LIVE global view of video conferencing and cloud issues that arose daily. The support desk team was leveraging various applications to try to analyze, triangulate and resolve issues. Being first to know that a system goes down and to troubleshoot it from the desk mitigating the number of dispatched techs we send out was key. That is what we achieved with VisibilityOne!"

 We now enjoy the flexibility to share a dashboard with the client or deliver a full concierge service Live monitoring of video calls, network and equipment health.

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We had no single view of all customers, devices, and services, no live monitoring of Microsoft Team Rooms, and no Hybrid monitoring tools for remote workforce management. Our efforts were mostly unsuccessful since the existing applications we used didn’t have the depth and LIVE call details needed to expose and pinpoint the problem's source proactively. In addition, these applications lacked a multi-tenant view. This led to higher mean-time-to-restore (MTTR) averages, lower customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), and loss of recurring revenue opportunity.

Proactive monitoring of all clients in a single dashboard

provisioning of accounts, with disparate technologies solidified our position as a trusted advisor to our clientelle.

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VisibilityOne Delivered a powerful, global view of the collaboration systems being monitored in their entirety. By arming the support desk with

VisibilityOne, this MSP was able to anticipate and resolve device issues and reduce overall MTTR, allowing device, service, and network issues to be pinpointed and fixed to improve the user experience and CSAT ratings. The Challenges Addressed by VisibilityOne include:

Live call network QoS monitoring and alerting when audio, video, and content an issue was detected.

Deep insights into Microsoft Team Rooms and codecs to identify issues with gateways, failed SIP/Gatekeeper registrations.

Proactive monitoring of Microsoft Team Rooms, Zoom, video Codec, and connected IoT devices all on OneUI.

Well, good news. There is now a Clear Breakthrough Multi-Vendor Support Tool for MSPs provided by VisibilityOne.

“VisibilityOne’s platform has now reached an impressive level of sophistication and modernization unique in the history of monitoring and management tools. The algorithmic-driven diagnostics and automatic Real-Time healing set a new standard for these kinds of systems.” Kent Lowell, industry advisor and former GM of BT’s global managed services division.

VisibilityOne is a multi-tenant, multi-platform, and vendor-agnostic solution. In fact, many of our clients realize a speedy ROI because we include IoT, Network path detection, an always-on remote console for Hybrid workers, failover, and self-healing.

VisibilityOne is uniquely focused on UCC/AV/VC end-to-end application and network diagnostics, management, and monitoring. VisibilityOne provides Significant improvement in the End-User experience by reducing downtime and identifying performance issues – IN REAL TIME.

Immediate trials are available upon request. 


Scalability is essential in our cloud-based approach. Service Level Compliance and MSP Security offerings can be built around the VisibilityOne application.  

VisibilityOne has launched the industry’s only real-time advanced diagnostic and monitoring solution that provides Algorithmic driven fault resolution for conferencing technologies like MS Teams, Zoom, Crestron, Poly, Logitech, and Cisco as well as remote hybrid users. Our offering gives our partners and customers an incredible level of new technical insights in a simple intuitive dashboard. 

to schedule a complete demo of the
multi-tenant MSP platform

A very focused solution that is unique in:

Algorithmic examination of device faults in real-time and automated system responses for rapid healing and error correction. Support for the hybrid workforce both in facility-based conference rooms as well as home-based workers – seamlessly across all networks. 

Monitoring and management of all major/ relevant conferencing room kits including ZOOM, Microsoft, Cisco, Logitech, and Poly. – whether in a cross-vendor application scenario OR a single vendor scenario, including those hosted on NUC, PC, and MacOS.

Full head-count equivalent: Improve efficiencies in staff workload with a measurable improvement in SLA performance due to native automatic detection and error correction. 

The complete end-to-end path with all network hops, as well as all relevant network statistics are monitored, alarmed, and part of the device's self-healing approach.

A single integrated, comprehensive monitoring IoT and UC monitoring platform providing a multitude of features including: 

VisibilityOne is a multi-tenant collaboration monitoring and diagnostic tool for MSPs in the AV-UC space: It is a web-based, full-fledged Video Conferencing & UC Diagnostic Monitoring solution which delivers a powerful centralized dashboard view of all your clients, live status of collaboration services, network, rooms, individual users, and devices.  We deliver a comprehensive help desk, account management, remote controls, content storage, advanced alerting, and reporting in a multi-tenant architecture with robust data segregation. It empowers service providers to offer services and support to multiple clients with remediation tools that reduce unnecessary trouble tickets and even site visits. 

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Account management via the Self-service portal enables you to provision new accounts and manage your monthly usage. Manage custom integrations and two-factor authentication.


Flexibility to provide a white glove concierge service or allow the end user to facilitate self-servicing of their collaboration landscape. 



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Full and intuitive update center to centrally control all updates for agents and plugins. 


All agents and plugins are branded with the MSP’s name. 

MSP is in full control of the accounts from a trial, POC, to actual onboarding for a client.

Administrators can assign roles across the MSP or the individual client account. 

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New notification popup for critical alerts across your global client base, and it integrates with Slack channels.

Add images in a central document center individually allocated per room. 

Our support and ticketing portal allows MSPs to view service desk requests, pending approvals, and chat with help desk technicians, all from a web interface.

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Conveniently, VisibilityOne can be branded to fit your company image
  • Customized dashboard login page  
  • Custom email templates for notifications
  • Global view of all your clients
  • More actionable insights
  • Self-Healing features
  • User Monitoring for Hybrid office & home
  • Room monitoring
  • Easy to set up and manage your clients
  • Live MS Teams and Zoom monitoringtoring
  • Custom integration options available to integrate additional vendors & solutions
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The easiest and fastest way to start managing your clients, endpoints, and cloud UC services like a pro. With a swipe and a click of a button, you can...

  • Allow clients to self-onboard and self-service
  • Enable/Disable client web-dashboard
  • Extend trials or convert them to a subscriber
  • Drop into your client's view to support them
  • Notifications allow prioritization of client issues 
  • Provide file storage on the platform

Immediate full-scale trials are available upon request

Contact us to schedule a complete demo of the multi-tenant MSP platform.


VisibilityOne: Managed Service Provider (MSP) Support Desk Use Case

A leading service provider in the Audio-Visual space with thousands of clients distributed across the United States has a collaboration practice that includes not only maintaining and supporting video conferencing equipment but includes large-scale support of live calls as well as remote hybrid video users.

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Receive Logitech Sync payload data directly to customize your current management platform via our Applet+

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