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Monitoring for

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Real-Time Alerts for Cisco

codecs on a single dashboard

Efficiently manage rooms across multiple models. Seamless integration provides details of room performance from Cisco SX, TelePresence, Webex Board, Webex Codec (Plus & Pro), and Webex Room Kit. Gain 360° visibility and remediation options to reduce MTTR by 99%.

Eliminate fire drills with proactive system monitoring for Cisco.


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VisibilityOne is the only App that IT professionals trust to monitor their UC & Video Conferencing platforms and to deliver actionable insights such as:

• Live health status of the device

• Distinguish between scheduled and ad hoc meetings
• Incident alerts and reports

• Reason for call failure
• 24-hour view of upcoming scheduled meetings
• Network utilization
• Network quality alerts (jitter, packet loss, latency)
• Camera disconnect notification

• Microphone disconnect notification
• Lifetime device usage

• IoT device monitoring
• Lifetime device failures
• Previous 30-day meeting status
• Codec software release information

• Gatekeeper registration details
• Device MAC address
• Device serial number
• Asset inventory reporting
• Trend reporting

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Doucument Center

Sharing a file or document with your onsite or field support team is easy.

Simply select the document and click the share icon. You are then prompted to select an expiration date. Once you share your file, the link will automatically expire and will no longer be accessible. Share it as many times as you want, all while staying organized.

How VisibilityOne Monitors Cisco Room Systems

Monitor Cisco Video Conferencing - VisibilityOne


Simply register, download VisibilityOne, and add your Cisco video devices!

Once you complete your registration, you are walked through an online tutorial and prompted to download the VisibilityOne Windows App.

Upon successful setup, the VisibilityOne App securely communicates directly with the Cisco systems you defined in the setup process and encrypts all the health data collected. Health data is then forwarded to VisibilityOne's cloud platform for all the number crunching. The health status of your video device(s) is then accessible via a web interface.

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Now you can gain a granular view of your entire collaboration system. By arming IT with knowledge, your teams can anticipate and resolve device issues before users are impacted.​

  • Instantly pinpoint and fix problems that affect the user experience

  • Eliminate toggling between dashboards and complicated tools

  • Receive real-time notifications and alerts

  • Track and give VIP users white glove treatment

  • Whether the board room mic is unplugged, or the onboard battery of your codec dies, with VisibilityOne anyone can pinpoint an issue before a conference call fails.

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Streamline Support

When an issue is detected receive alerts in three easy ways to best fit your communication style. Quickly select the notifications you want and turn off the ones you don't.

IoT Monitoring

Monitor the status of IoT devices, access its web interface, and visually see the IoT device associated with the meeting space they service.

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VisibilityOne's collection of instructional guides, provide you a step by step visual on how to get started with your first monitored device. Our guides also walk you through our more advanced topics while keeping it simple.

MSP Monitoring

Utilizing VisibilityOne's platform, launch your branded Managed Services. With custom integration options, your service will stand out from the rest.

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