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Monitoring & Management for

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Monitor Your Logitech Devices

With VisibilityOne's plugin, you can monitor and manage Zoom Room connected Logitech devices.

VisibilityOne seamlessly integrates with Zoom and Logitech to deliver the health status of Logitech USB connected cameras, speakers, and microphones.


Going beyond monitoring, VisibilityOne enables you to perform firmware updates for Logitech Sync-enabled devices, directly from VisibilityOne's dashboard. 


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Logitech & IoT monitoring on us!

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VisibilityOne's Plugin is packed with native integrations that are designed to keep your video rooms optimized and available for calls.

On the go, change speaker volume, select alternative cameras or microphones. All designed to help you provide superior support to your users.

But rest assured, when a Logitech camera, microphone, or speakers stop responding, VisibilityOne's patented solution initiates a self-healing process to restore the device. If a device fails to be restored, VisibilityOne initiates a notification and failover process to deliver meeting continuity.

After a device is back online, VisibilityOne restores the room presets back its original configuration.

To help keep your video rooms performing optimally, VisibilityOne delivers native integration with Logitech Sync. Allowing you to update your camera firmware, all within VisibilityOne.

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Receive Logitech Sync payload data directly to your current platform via our Applet+

How VisibilityOne Monitors Logitech USB Devices

Monitor Logitech Devices - VisibilityOne


Simply register, download VisibilityOne, add your Zoom API, and install our plugin into your zoom room NUC/PC!

Upon successful setup, the VisibilityOne plugin securely communicates directly with the Zoom Room NUC/PC and discovers your connected USB devices. Status data is then forwarded to VisibilityOne's cloud platform for all the number crunching. The status and control of your Logitech devices are then made accessible via a web interface.

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Now you can gain a granular view of your entire collaboration system. By arming IT with knowledge, your teams can anticipate and resolve device issues before users are impacted.​

  • Instantly pinpoint and fix problems that affect the user experience

  • Eliminate toggling between dashboards and complicated tools

  • Receive real-time notifications and alerts

  • Track and give VIP users white glove treatment

  • Whether the Logitech room mic is unplugged, or the camera dies, with VisibilityOne anyone can pinpoint an issue before a conference call fails.

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When an issue is detected receive alerts in three easy ways to best fit your communication style. Quickly select the notifications you want and turn off the ones you don't.

IoT Monitoring

Monitor the status of IoT devices, access its web interface, and visually see the IoT device associated with the meeting space they service.


Self Healing

VisibilityOne's plugin for zoom rooms allows you to go beyond standard Zoom API monitoring, enabling powerful self-healing and failover capabilities.

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USB Device Monitoring

Utilizing VisibilityOne's plugin you can detect when a USB camera, microphone, or speaker stops responding in your zoom room.

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