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VisibilityOne: Managed Service Provider (MSP) Support Desk Use Case

A leading service provider in the Audio-Visual space with thousands of clients distributed across the United States has a collaboration practice that includes not only maintaining and supporting video conferencing equipment but includes large-scale support of live calls as well as remote hybrid video users.



VisibilityOne, MSP real-time monitoring, multitenant, and diagnostics for their deployment of various brands of video codecs, and Microsoft Team Rooms on a single dashboard. Efficiently allowing the MSP support desk a global LIVE dashboard of rooms across multiple clients and devices. The seamless intuitive solution provides details of performance, self-healing components, and network path detection. Gain 360° visibility and remediation options to reduce MTTR and generate recurring revenue. All delivered with the MSP’s brand at the forefront.


VisibilityOne Delivered a powerful, global view of the collaboration systems being monitored in their entirety. By arming the support desk with VisibilityOne, the MSP was able to anticipate and resolve device issues and reduce overall MTTR, allowing device, service, and network issues to be pinpointed and fixed to improve the user experience and CSAT ratings. The Challenges Addressed by VisibilityOne:

  • Proactive monitoring of all clients in a single dashboard

  • Self-provisioning of accounts, Trials, and POC’s

  • Flexible month-to-month billing with no upfront pre-purchasing of licensing

  • Management flexibility to share a dashboard with the client or deliver a full concierge service

  • Live monitoring of video calls, network, and equipment health

  • Live call network QoS monitoring and alerting when audio, video, and content an issue was detected

  • Deep insights into Microsoft Team Rooms and codecs to identify issues with gateways, failed SIP/Gatekeeper registrations and triggering alerts when an issue was detected

  • Proactive monitoring of Microsoft Team Rooms, Zoom, video Codec, and connected IoT devices

The support desk was overwhelmed with multiple dashboards, dispersed tools, and lack of a LIVE global view of video conferencing and cloud issues that arose daily. The support desk team was leveraging various applications to try to analyze, triangulate and resolve issues. Their efforts were mostly unsuccessful since those applications didn’t have the depth and LIVE call details needed to expose and pinpoint the problem's source proactively. In addition, these applications lacked a multi-tenant view, and equally as necessary a fully MSP-branded experience. This led to higher mean-time-to-restore (MTTR) averages, lower customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), and loss of recurring revenue opportunity. 

  • No single view of all customers, devices, and services

  • No live monitoring of Microsoft Team Rooms

  • No Hybrid monitoring tools for remote workforce management

  • Reactive support and frequent escalations due to a lack of LIVE proactive notifications

  • Network path quality issues that were difficult to identify

  • Call quality and dependability issues

  • Complexity of supporting and growing a profitable managed services practice

"The reason we selected VisibilityOne is due to the true MSP approach and the end-to-end live monitoring for Microsoft Team Rooms and our client's video conferencing estates. An intuitive dashboard with network details was extremely valuable."

- Executive

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