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Enhance Zoom Room Logitech Monitoring and Management in New VisibilityOne Release


In VisibilityOne’s continued commitment to providing the very best video conferencing monitoring solutions to our growing customer base, we are constantly innovating the VisibilityOne platform to elevate usability and improve how business gets done today. We call the agile rollout of new features the “Speed to Innovation,” and this strategy helps us more rapidly deliver the features our great customers demand.

In our latest platform update, we’ve created some amazing new features that will improve on a variety of VisibilityOne's capabilities, including how you manage Logitech SYNC enabled Zoom Rooms.

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Updating Devices

One of the great things about VisibilityOne is how easy it is for anyone in IT to monitor a meeting to support users on a call. And Logitech SYNC within VisibilityOne helps keeps your meeting equipment up to date! A few of the latest enhancements:

  • Device Firmware: VisibilityOne's plugin integrates Logitech SYNC to make it simple to upgrade your camera firmware from one simple dashboard.

  •  Logitech Camera & Mic: IT staff can now see every device utilized in a call on in one dashboard. View even as they unplug devices and receive an alert. The dashboard displays your primary camera and mic, but with the power of VisibilityOne's plugin, you can select alternative devices to ensure a flawless meeting.

  • Additional Information: You can gain a full view of the status of the display hub, table hub, network connection, and network type easily within the dashboard.

  • Mute notifications: The “mic” status automatically displays during a meeting to notify IT of the current status.

  • Volume Control: The volume slider feature now gives the option to change the volume remotely.

Go Beyond

Monitor. Manage. Self Heal.


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