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Polycom Monitoring

Group, HDX Codecs

Poly Video Device DNA RED.jpg

Pinpoint 20+ More Issues Than Any Other VC Tool

Excellence in Product Innovation award-winner VisibilityOne is revolutionizing video conference system monitoring by delivering far more in-depth insights and performance indicators than any SNMP monitoring tool. Going far beyond SNMP monitoring, VisibilityOne identifies and diagnoses issues across multiple vendors and cloud services
in more than 20 network and system vital factors.

✓ Camera disconnect insight
✓ Network quality alerts
✓ Trend reports
✓ Microphone disconnect insight

✓ Calendar schedule view

✓ Remote reboot
✓ Lifetime device usage
✓ Live device health status
✓ Current call status
✓ System battery health
✓ Sleep mode indication
✓ Incident alerts and reports
✓ Gatekeeper registration details

✓ Call failure diagnoses
✓ Call quality QoS

✓ Network utilization
✓ Asset inventory report
✓ Previous 30-day meeting status
✓ Lifetime device failures
✓ License enablement
✓ Call history
✓ Remote wake-up
✓ Ad hoc vs scheduled meeting log
✓ Last call disconnect reason in plain English

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