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Say Goodbye to Monday Morning IT Blues with WellnessCheck

For IT departments, Monday mornings are notorious for unexpected issues that arise over the weekend. Mondays are one of the most challenging days for IT teams, especially for video conferencing. However, VisibilityOne’s WellnessCheck helps avoid those dreaded Monday frustrations.

Revolutionizing Video Conferencing Management

Last September, we introduced WellnessCheck, a groundbreaking service designed to ensure the health and performance of video conferencing devices. Remote or hybrid-run businesses demand reliable video conferencing. Ensuring these systems run smoothly is a top priority — but also a challenge.

With WellnessCheck, you can ensure your video conferencing devices are always in optimal condition. The service also helps meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by providing reliable and efficient video conferencing solutions.

What is WellnessCheck?

WellnessCheck offers real-time health monitoring and diagnostics for video conferencing devices. This innovative service provides unprecedented control and insights over video communication infrastructure. Key features include:

  • Scheduled Health Checks: Automatically performs comprehensive system checks, waking devices from dormant states, identifying potential issues, and taking proactive measures, such as rebooting devices when necessary.

  • Real-time Health Monitoring: Continuously tracks device performances, monitoring crucial parameters like camera connectivity, microphone functionality, network performance, and software updates.

  • Proactive Alerts: Sends alerts before issues impact scheduled meetings, allowing IT teams to address problems before they arise.

  • Remote Management: Enables remote device reboots and firmware updates, reducing the need for physical intervention.

The Impact on IT Workload & Productivity

Having WellnessCheck means that IT departments can start their weeks with confidence, knowing their video conferencing systems have been thoroughly checked and any potential issues addressed proactively.

By automating the monitoring and diagnostic processes, WellnessCheck improves video systems’ reliability. Now, IT departments can focus on more strategic tasks rather than spending time troubleshooting and resolving issues manually.

"VisibilityOne’s diagnostics and real-time healing set a new standard in AV, IT, and video collaboration management," said Kent Lowell, former GM at British Telecom.

A Powerful Game Changer

VisibilityOne’s WellnessCheck is a pivotal breakthrough. It provides a proactive and automated solution to the constant problem of Monday morning IT blues. By ensuring video conferencing systems are in top condition, WellnessCheck helps businesses maintain seamless communication, enhancing productivity and user experience.

To learn more about how WellnessCheck can transform your video conferencing management, visit www.Visibility.One or contact us at

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