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VisibilityOne Wins the 2024 MSP Today Product of the Year Award

VisibilityOne is thrilled to be named 2024 MSP Today Product of the Year Award winner.

“It gives me great pleasure to honor VisibilityOne as a 2024 recipient of TMC’s MSP Today Product of the Year Award for their innovative solution", said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Our judges were very impressed not only with the features and value of the solution, but also with VisibilityOne's Channel strategy to expand their market share and provide first class service to their customers.”

"This recognition from MSP Today as 2024's Product of the Year is incredibly rewarding, especially considering VisibilityOne's journey," said, Jose De La Paz CEO, VisibilityOne. "In 2018, we set out to address a critical gap in the market — the lack of a vendor-agnostic cloud-based monitoring solution for video conferencing and unified communications. This award validates our vision and the dedication of our team. VisibilityOne's patented technology empowers MSPs and enterprises with real-time, actionable insights across platforms, enabling them to optimize collaboration tools and their technical support management practice. We remain committed to driving innovation and helping businesses thrive in today's ever-evolving technological landscape."

About VisibilityOne

VisibilityOne simplifies the complexities of managing video conferencing and unified communications in today's hybrid work environment. Our innovative, cloud-based platform breaks down data silos, providing a single, user-friendly dashboard with real-time insights across all your collaboration tools.

No more information overload. VisibilityOne goes beyond basic video conferencing diagnostics. We offer a comprehensive view of your entire collaboration ecosystem, including hundreds of data points on:

  • Video Conferencing Systems: Gain granular insights into video, audio, and performance for a seamless user experience.

  • Room Equipment: Monitor room hardware health and identify potential issues before they disrupt meetings.

  • Network Connectivity: Pinpoint network bottlenecks impacting collaboration quality.

Empowered by VisibilityOne, IT teams and businesses can:

  • Proactively address issues: Identify and resolve problems before they impact meetings.

  • Optimize collaboration tools: Ensure optimal performance for a productive and frustration-free work experience.

  • Boost user satisfaction: Eliminate collaboration headaches and keep your workforce happy.

If you're an MSP looking for seamless video collaboration monitoring, schedule a free demo at, or visit our team at Infocomm at the Logitech booth, #C5365.

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