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Providing IT Real-Time Data Resolving UC & VTC 

Service Interruptions


VisibilityOne the only UC monitoring platform that ensures high availability and meeting continuity. Our enhanced monitoring capabilities for Zoom Rooms, Poly, Cisco, Logitech, and Jabra-Panacast, enable IT in providing high availability and meeting continuity! 


Now with VisibilityOne's exclusive plug-in for Zoom Rooms, you can go beyond monitoring and do more remotely with less downtime. Our latest VisibilityOne plug-in capabilities include:  


  1. Self-Healing: Feature detects and recovers from unresponsive devices and software.

  2. Failover: When components fail, automatically failover to a backup camera, mic, and speakers to ensure meeting continuity.

  3. Preset Fallback: When changes to your room occur during a meeting, automatic default back to preset devices when the meeting ends.

  4. Remote Reboot: Ability to reboot PC/NUC or the Zoom Room app quickly to mitigate problems.

  5. Enablement: Now integrated into the VisibilityOne plug-in, benefit from Jabra-Panacast People count and Logitech Sync. Reduce MTTR, increase user satisfaction, meeting continuity and availability.


                  Free 30-day trial, enjoy the newfound freedom and control!


Test trial our software before May 1st and get a free month for up to 25 rooms.



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