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VisibilityOne resolves UC&C issues by not just finding the root cause, but by uprooting the problem permanently. 

Diagnose. Restore. Maintain. Monitor.

Eliminate Unnecessary Trouble Tickets!

Smart Data is useful but it’s old information, our patented application diagnoses and remediates in real-time enabling you to increase collaboration uptime and a high-quality customer experience. At VisibilityOne our powerful UC&C diagnostics and monitoring platform works in real-time and combines the traditional “detect – report – alert” process into one step, plus our patented application can restore and maintain your devices by self-healing and/or failing-over devices, cutting down many of those alerts from even creating a Trouble-Ticket in the first place, and subsequently the need to troubleshoot.  

Computer Programming

Just imagine the significance of our self-healing feature, according to the latest research the average medium to large enterprise processes over 2300 Trouble-Tickets a month, 43% of enterprise IT teams report that UC&C issues are the most frequent source for Trouble-Tickets. Imagine eliminating 100’s of those trouble tickets, and subsequent technician visits monthly. Only you can calculate the significance of this potential cost reduction based on the number of avoidable UC Trouble-Tickets, or needless site sweeps you incur monthly; just how much value does that represent for you? 

Study Reveals UC&C Issue Culprit

Drilling down further into the UC Trouble-Tickets we find even more compelling data.  In a recent study of over 1000 video-enabled rooms over 80% of Trouble-Tickets were related to the AV connected devices i.e., mics, cameras, speakers.  VisibilityOne’s powerful self-healing AI will automatically restart the application, the driver, and critical processes. Additionally, if needed the device fail-over feature will instantly switch over to auxiliary AV-connected devices.  We are confident you will reduce significantly IT support manhours and increase your customer satisfaction through collaboration uptime.   

72% of organizations are using multiple UC platforms and hardware brands.

With 72% of organizations using multiple UC platforms and hardware brands like MS Teams, Zoom, Poly, Cisco, and Logitech, having a tool to bring all these disparate technologies into one dashboard is a game-changer for IT. VisibilityOne monitors all connected devices in the room. This includes cross-vendor products and technology types including IoT, USB, AV.  Our application provides capabilities unprecedented in the industry which help create order and logic out of chaos. 

The Hybrid Workforce.

Today’s hybrid world demands remote users be supported adding more pressure on IT support. Over 91% of IT executives say that user experience impacts the value of their UC&C platform. Our application increases customer satisfaction by monitoring not only conference rooms but also hybrid user laptops and their connected devices, by including live remote desktop hardware view, live UC&C application view, live participants view, and live path diagnostics. VisibilityOne goes further and monitors the video service providers' SLA, and the network service providers' performance to further support the end-to-end management. 


How concerned are you about your UC&C-related challenges? In large enterprises with annual revenues of greater than $1B, over 66% of IT executives were very concerned that UC&C challenges or downtime can hinder productivity. VisibilityOne is the one tool that can reduce costly downtime while simultaneously decreasing the need for human intervention. 

Senior Businessman

The VisibilityOne platform provides unparalleled knowledge and brings order and competence to your support efforts.

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