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Zoom Room Monitoring. $20per month

Simple. Powerful. Self-service.

Avoid unnecessary site visits, Offer a self-service monitoring solution, and go beyond API reporting.

Adoption and usage are exploding with Zoom, but so are all the applications from leading hardware vendors such as Cisco, Polycom, Logitech and Jabra. How do you manage these disparate applications?

Monitor Zoom Rooms

Devices and Users

Within 15 minutes of downloading the VisibilityOne Windows App, you can monitor all of your Zoom rooms, users, VIPs, IoT display monitors, and devices from the intuitive UI. VisibilityOne delivers actionable insights

IT departments like yours are under pressure to ensure meeting continuity, meeting availability and voice and video quality. Companies and individuals are depending on you to offer leadership as to how to best deploy and manage these critical applications. Business survival is depending on the performance of these applications.

*Requires the VisibilityOne zoom room plugin, download to PC/NUC/Windows device.

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Enhanced with V1 Plugin*

  • Self-healing (connected devices)

  • Self-healing (auto recover zoom app)

  • Room presets restoration

  • Cam/Mic/Speaker backup failover

  • Cam/Mic/Speaker selection

  • Volume control

  • Logitech Sync integration

  • Jabra-Panacast people count

Zoom API integration

  • Online status

  • Live call stats

  • Available status

  • Scheduled meeting

  • Network performance

  • Live participants list

  • Mic/Camera name

  • Utilization for the month

  • Call recordings for the month

  • View data collector status

  • View client access level

  • Remote support access

  • Offer a self-service solution

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