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Document Center

Store. Manage. Share.

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Document Center

Eliminate the hassle of storing your room designs and images on random file servers. Organize files associated with each video conferencing room quickly, and at no cost*.

No third-party integration, no need for API's, just simply select a monitored room and upload your files.

When needed, share documents and set an expiration date, it's that simple.

With VisibilityOne, you can now store, manage and share your documents without the complexity of external systems.

Share With Your Field Support

Sharing a file or document with your onsite or field support team is easy.

Simply select the document and click the share icon. You are then prompted to select an expiration date. Once you share your file, the link will automatically expire and will no longer be accessible. Share it as many times as you want, all while staying organized.

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More Information

For more information on getting started with VisibilityOne's Document Center, please visit our guide center.

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