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Self-Heal Zoom Rooms

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

VisibilityOne Provides Real-Time Data to help you achieve high availability and meeting continuity which results in increased user adoption and satisfaction.

The VisibilityOne plugin for Zoom Rooms goes beyond API's that can be obtained from Zoom. VisibilityOne's patented technology delivers the power for your Zoom Room to self-heal and failover when issues are encountered, all to reduce downtime and deliver a powerful support experience.

Our exclusive features don't stop there. We also have enabled Preset Fallback so when groups storm in and make changes to the set up in a Zoom Room, those changes aren't permanent. When the call ends the room goes back to its default settings, yes another service ticket prevented. There is one feature that IT has clamored for and we didn't want to disappoint them; that's why we enabled Remote Reboot. With VisibilityOne, you can reboot the PC/NUC or the Zoom Room app in short order. See for yourself why VisibilityOne is the only application that IT professionals trust to monitor their mission critical collaboration systems. Our 30 day free trial is our risk free offer to you.

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