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Zoom Room Password

As a zoom administrator, securing your rooms while integrating additional services is important, VisibilityOne is here to guide you. Let's get started on setting up a password for your zoom rooms...

Step 1

Login to your zoom account, and click on "Room Management" located in the "ADMIN" section.

Step 2

Click on the "Zoom Rooms" button located in under "Room Management".

Step 3

Click on "Account Settings".

Step 4

Click on "Control System API".

Step 5

Select the toggle switch next to "Enable Control System API". When selected, you will see a popup notifying you that the setting will be ON for all the locations or rooms, please read the information and when ready click "Turn On".

Step 6

In the "Passcode" field, enter a 1-16 digit number or characters. When done, click on the "Save" button located below the "Passcode" field.


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