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Monitor up to 50 desktop users for free!

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Monitor Zoom Users

Including Their Built-in Devices

Go beyond API's with VisibilityOne's zoom desktop client. Quickly support users whenever they experience issues with calls and devices.

With VisibilityOne, you can detect the call path and see if there's a network issue at the user's home, in the cloud, or at the service provider gateway.

When communication devices (built-in or USB) stop responding, quickly heal them from our dashboard without having to remote into the users' computer.

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Zoom Users Monitoring Demo

VisibilityOne Zoom User Desktop Monitoring
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Zoom User Demo
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Monitor Zoom Users

With VisibilityOne's zoom desktop client, you can remotely heal your end-users built-in and USB connect devices without the need to remote into their computer.

When a network issue is detected, see the entire path the call is taking and know if the issue is at the home network, in the cloud, or the providers' gateway.

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In VisibilityOne's dashboard, access the testing console and test the network pat