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Monitoring for

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Monitor Microsoft Teams Rooms, devices and Users

Efficiently manage MTR* rooms and users across multiple sites and devices. VisibilityOne seamlessly delivers details of the room, including device PC health, network health, and live call status.

VisibilityOne's applet allows you to go beyond standard historical Microsoft webhook information, enabling powerful live monitoring, self-healing, and a testing console. 

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Monitor MS Teams Users

Go beyond Webhooks and get live insight with VisibilityOne's Microsoft desktop client. Quickly support users whenever they experience issues with calls and devices.

With VisibilityOne, you can detect the call path and see if there's a network issue at the user's home, in the cloud, or at the service provider gateway.

When communication devices (built-in or USB) stop responding, quickly heal them from our dashboard without having to remote into the users' computer.

Monitor up to 50 desktop users for free!


Subscribe to monitor your Microsoft Teams Room* and get IoT on us!

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Doucument Center

Sharing a file or document with your onsite or field support team is easy.

Simply select the document and click the share icon. You are then prompted to select an expiration date. Once you share your file, the link will automatically expire and will no longer be accessible. Share it as many times as you want, all while staying organized.

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VisibilityOne is the only App that IT professionals trust to monitor their UC & Video Conferencing platforms to deliver actionable insights such as:

​Microsoft Teams Monitoring with VisibilityOne Plugin*​

  • Live call stats

  • Available status

  • Network performance

  • Mic/Camera/Speaker status

  • Utilization details

  • Alerts 

  • 30-day health details

  • Network connection type

  • Self-healing (connected devices)

  • Self-healing (auto recover teams app)

  • Cam/Mic/Speaker monitoring

  • Volume control

  • PC remote reboot

  • Teams Room remote relaunch

  • Logitech Sync integration**

  • View NUC/PC details

  • View VisibilityOne plugin status

How VisibilityOne Monitors Microsoft Teams Rooms


Simply register, download VisibilityOne, add your Teams tenant details, and install our plugin* into your Microsoft room Windows PC!

Upon successful setup, the VisibilityOne plugin securely communicates directly with the Microsoft Teams Room PC and collects health performance data. Health data is then forwarded to VisibilityOne's cloud platform for all the number crunching. The health status and control of your Microsoft Teams Room is then accessible via a web interface.

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Now you can gain a granular view of your entire collaboration system. By arming IT with knowledge, your teams can anticipate and resolve device issues before users are impacted.​

  • Instantly pinpoint and fix problems that affect the user experience

  • Eliminate toggling between dashboards and complicated tools

  • Receive real-time notifications and alerts

  • Track and give users white glove treatment

  • Whether the Microsoft Teams room mic is unplugged, or the application dies, with VisibilityOne anyone can pinpoint an issue before a conference call fails.

*Features and highlight information available when utilizing the VisibilityOne MTR Plugin. Currently, the plugin is designed to operate in the Crestron UCC engine. Additional MS Windows devices are anticipated to be added in the near future. The monitoring features assume that you have successfully enabled your Microsoft service and installed the required plugin, you can visit the following link for more details

VisibilityOne: Corporate Mixed Collaboration Environment Use Case

A Fortune 500 high-tech manufacturing firm with over 22,000 employees is distributed across 20 countries, and 70 locations. They have a collaboration practice that includes over 1500 conference rooms, used primarily for internal meetings. Like most large corporations the pandemic introduced videoconferencing to most of the workforce but in a new hybrid remote model.

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Streamline Support

When an issue is detected receive alerts in three easy ways to best fit your communication style. Quickly select the notifications you want and turn off the ones you don't.

IoT Monitoring

Monitor the status of IoT devices, access its web interface, and visually see the IoT device associated with the meeting space they service.


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Audio Device Monitoring

VisibilityOne incorporates audio device and video management features including Remote Reboot, Call Status, MOS, and more into its UI.


USB Device Monitoring

Utilizing VisibilityOne's plugin you can detect when a USB camera, microphone, or speaker stops responding in your zoom room.

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