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In today’s video conferencing ecosystems, the video application services, the network provider, and even the equipment manufacturers all claim to be infallible, so why do customers continue to have so many Trouble Tickets daily? 


VisibilityOne monitors the components that make up your video collaboration ecosystem. This includes cross-vendor products and technology types including IoT, USB, AV.  Our application provides automatic self-healing capabilities unprecedented in the industry which dramatically shrinks the number of Trouble Tickets generated creating order and logic out of chaos. 


VisibilityOne is the only monitoring solution that can provide real-time diagnostics for today’s hybrid collaboration environment of both conference room technologies and the over 500 million remote users of video conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

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2021 Best of Show Winner 

We are proud to announce that VisibilityOne has earned two awards at InfoComm2021. The coveted Best of Show Award for AVTechnology, as well as the Best of Show Award for Tech&Learning

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VisibilityOne provides

in-depth visibility across multiple vendors and UC applications. 

The average customer support Trouble Ticket resolution time is over 3 days, in extreme cases, they can take up to a week or longer.  VisibilityOne’s deep insights provide remediation for issues that normally require the manufacturer’s intervention and costly site visits. 

At VisibilityOne our powerful UC&C monitoring and AI platform works in real-time and combines the traditional “detect – report – alert” process into one step, plus our patented application can self-heal and/or failover devices, cutting down many of those alerts from even creating a Trouble-Ticket in the first place, and subsequently the need to troubleshoot. 

Our non-reliance on SNMP provides a granular and data-rich, 360-degree visibility, across multiple vendors, cloud services, networks, and endpoints. And with our patented solution, you’ll be up and running in less than 15 min, no infrastructure, or hardware probes required.​

VisibilityOne Provides IT teams, with real-time data to Resolve Critical UC&C Service Interruptions elevating the customer experience and satisfaction.


"Where others missed the boat, VisibilityOne understands there is more to a video conferencing platform than just the underlying network.  Amazingly, VisibilityOne delivers a single view of multiple hardware vendors and cloud services. Not toggling between multiple dashboards and complex tools is truly a game-changer."  - Dave Van Kanegan, executive IT leader and strategist at US Foods

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Microsoft Teams



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port 443

Desktop Monitoring

Monitor remote user MS Teams experience

  • WiFi connection

  • Network quality and degradation detection

  • Video and Audio device monitoring

  • Remote device healing and reboot

  • Troubleshooting console

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Room Monitoring

Monitor Microsoft Teams Room experience​

(One-way communication, no special firewall ports)

  • Network quality and degradation detection

  • Video and Audio device monitoring

  • Self-healing and reboot

  • Troubleshooting console

  • IoT Monitoring

  • Document Center of images and designs

Room Desktop Monitoring

Monitor BYOD users & MS Teams experience

  • WiFi connection

  • Network quality and degradation detection

  • Video and Audio device monitoring

  • Remote device healing and reboot

  • Troubleshooting console

Room IoT Monitoring

Monitor All Room IP Devices and Availability Status

(No network scanning required)

  • Displays

  • Network access point and switch

  • PDU and room controls

  • Web interface monitoring & access

  • Offline alert notifications 

VisibilityOne Cloud

Best in class services are used by VisibilityOne

  • Hosted on AWS & AWS Gov Cloud

  • Veracode Verified Code Monitoring 

  • Data gathered by our application from sites and devices is secured in our platform

  • AI-driven alert and remediation is driven by our smart monitoring engine

  • Available private cloud options for MSP's

VisibilityOne Teams Connector

VisibilityOne's cloud connection to Microsoft Azure allows for cloud to cloud integration to a VisibilityOne designed connector.

  • All backend process allows for real-time monitoring of MS Teams desktop and rooms

  • No customer engineering required

VisibilityOne Integration

VisibilityOne's cloud connector is deployed in Microsoft Azure and is designed to establish communication and validation of your Teams tennant.

  • No software installation required

  • Designed for backend validation

  • Setup is dashboard driven

VisibilityOne Web Dashboard

VisibilityOne central dashboard allows support teams to quickly add new services and monitor devices.

  • No software is needed, a web-enabled dashboard

  • One dashboard to monitor all your UC&C

  • Manage your devices from anywhere

  • Update device firmware

  • Ability to add documents and images to consolidate rooms designs and information


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Document Center

 Uprooting the problem


 Only 50% of IT leaders say they’re somewhat confident they have the right tools, yet 91% realize that user experience seriously impacts the value of their UC&C platform, that’s not very reassuring. The VisibilityOne platform provides unparalleled knowledge and brings order to the chaos of IT support efforts. 

, get more...

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IoT Monitoring

Monitor the status of IoT devices, access its web interface, and visually see the IoT device associated with the meeting space they service.

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Document Center

Store, share, and manage all your room designs and documents in one place.

Free 5 Gb of storage is included with your VisibilityOne subscription.


USB Device Monitoring

Utilizing VisibilityOne's plugin you can detect when a USB camera, microphone, or speaker stops responding in your zoom room.

Self Healing

VisibilityOne's plugin for zoom rooms allows you to go beyond standard Zoom API monitoring, enabling powerful self-healing and failover capabilities.

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Logitech Sync

VisibilityOne plugin natively integrates Logitech Sync, delivering the ability to update your Logitech device directly from our dashboard.


Jabra People Count


Live People Count feature is enabled for Jabra Panacast within VisibilityOne. No need to download a separate Jabra app, it's all native in the VisibilityOne plugin.

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Monitoring for Poly 

VisibilityOne monitors the entire Polycom to Poly suite of video devices, from HDX to the new Studio X. Get real-time health alerts and insight that goes beyond traditional tools.

Audio Device Monitoring

VisibilityOne incorporates audio device and video management features including Remote Reboot, Call Status, MOS, and more into its UI.

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VisibilityOne's collection of instructional guides, provide you a step by step visual on how to get started with your first monitored device. Our guides also walk you through our more advanced topics while keeping it simple.

Monitoring for Cisco 

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VisibilityOne monitors a vast array of Cisco video devices, from SX to the Webex Room Kit. Get real-time health alerts and insight that goes beyond traditional tools.